About Us

We provide a product that is high quality, reasonable, customized, and simple to procure.

Face masks have become an essential ‘accessory’ when leaving home for work or play and we want your organization to be a part of the solution by providing your internal and external customers with a product they will proudly wear.

Our factory-direct pricing model is transparent and fair, and we have definitely kept time-sensitivity in mind to ensure that an order is ready and shipped within two weeks of order confirmation, with a transit time of just 3 – 4 days via expedited shipping.

Our minimum order requirement of 100 (one century), ensures that our focus remains on meeting the needs and requirements of organizations and business establishments of all levels who will benefit from the level of customization and cost-savings realized.

Our background and experience in providing uniforms to clients in several industries, coupled with a highly successful custom clothing business, has put us in a truly unique position to be able to offer the best of both businesses to our clients.