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Customized Face Masks

As the wearing of face masks becomes a feature of our daily lives, people are beginning to demand masks in different colors and styles. We cater to this demand with our custom face masks, which offer the same protection and comfort as our standard masks but allow you to choose different colors, patterns and optional features, as well as custom printed logos and text. If you would like to order a quantity of customized face masks, you can choose from the following options:

  • Fabric Color or Printed Design – We have a selection of patterns and colors from which you can choose when ordering your custom mask. If you are planning to order masks with a custom printed logo or text on a transparent background, we recommend choosing a solid color rather than a pattern, to ensure your logo/text is highly visible.
  • Custom Logo/Text – You can specify the position, text and /or logo that you would like us to print on your customized face masks.
  • Ear Toggles – You may choose to add ear toggles for extra comfort/security if you desire.
  • Exhalation Valve – To facilitate breathing in demanding environments or for wearers who are uncomfortable when wearing standard masks, we offer the option of an exhalation valve on our custom face masks.

If you are looking for customized face masks with features that are not mentioned above, please get in touch with us to let us know what you need. For larger orders, we take a very flexible approach and if it is within our capabilities, we will be happy to meet your special requirements.

Customized Face Masks at Factory Prices

We manufacture our own masks, which means that we are able to supply them to you at factory prices. Because we are responsible for the design, manufacture and packing of all masks, we are also able to ensure quality control standards are maintained throughout the whole process. Whether you are buying customized face masks for your workforce, a local sports club or educational facility, you can rely on us to ensure they are all finished to the highest standards.

Customized Mask